Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The first graph of US temperature is the graph of the temperature data before it was altered by certain climatologists to show a scary warming trend.      Altered US temperature graph.    

When the temperature data from urban heat islands is removed from the graphs they show no warming trend through the 1900's while CO2 was steadily increasing.   Rural temperature graphs.

The magnitude 9.2 earthquake near Sumatra on December 26, 2004 released enough heat to melt all of the Arctic sea ice.    Earthquake energy release caulculator at Alabamaquake.com   (The connection between earthquakes and climate would have been common knowledge a long time ago but for certain  political agendas and petty tyrants.)  Carbon dioxide has increased substantially since the 1800's but still only makes up about .039 percent of the atmosphere  Carbon dioxide is just a small fraction of all of the greenhouses gasses most of which is water vapor.    Although it may be true that carbon dioxide and other green house gases trap some heat, no one seems to know how much.   It is argued that all of the long wave infrared radiation that can be trapped by CO2 was being trapped a long time ago and that additional CO2 makes no difference in any warming.  If the earthquake correlated warming is subtracted from the temperature graphs how much if anything is left to blame on increasing carbon dioxide?  If the earth is going to run out of fossil fuels in two hundred years then such unobserveable  warming is irrelevant.   

It is interesting that a certain documentary came out soon after the  2004 earthquake. ('An Inconvenient Truth' came out in May of 2006 about the time the earth would be feeling the maximum effects of the heat from that quake.)  I doubt if  I am the first one to notice the connection between earthquakes and climate.   How useful such information would be to people that make a living investing in commodities and futures like heating oil and natural gas and crop yields.   Investors in such commodities spend millions of dollars on meteorologists to help them better invest their money.  Is Al Gore just a stooge for the  investment bankers from Goldman Sachs involved with the carbon tax scheme?   

The magnitude 9.2 earthquake in 2004  released as much heat as 20,000,000 one megaton hydrogen bombs or 63 Magnitude 8 earthquakes or 2000 magnitude 7 earthquakes.  Earthquake energy calculator  That amount of heat is capable of melting about 15,000 cubic kilometers of ice.    Most of the heat generated by an earthquake is said to come from the  friction between the tectonic plates as they grind together.


If it is true according to the cooling hypothesis that as the earth cools  the plates in the earth's crust are forced together causing earthquakes, then it can be rightly stated that global cooling causes (temporary) global warming.